The Loop

Spring 2017, University of Pennsylvania

Software: Illustrator, Rhino

A design of an architectural enclosure emerges from studies of a body motion. I choose Taiji, a martial arts movement to study from plan and elevation views, mapping it out in a temporal sequence. Inspired by the rotational fluidity of the movement, my design works with the traffic flow along the river side to draw people into a circle and spring out into the river, creating a space to bring people together to exercise, look out into the river, and reflect.

The structure is two interlocking ribbons which would transfer from vertical wall to roof and then back to low walls that would serve as a railing. This way of wrapping leaves a circular skylight in the middle. The structure would be located at the site mostly populated with young families with kids, based on my site analysis, and would lead the kids and adults to practice inside and also guide their view to the river.

motion mapping

design of the riverside pavillion

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