I’m an architectural designer who values inclusion, environment and sustainability.

Born to a landscape designer father and mathematician mother, I grew up in Chengdu, China. My father’s commitment to projects for villages in our home province that center around natural resources and humans influence my emphasis on resiliency and natural elements in design. My mother’s experience in a male-dominated field made me aware of the challenges as a woman in architecture and motivated me to promote equality and diversity in my field.


I choose architecture as a vehicle through which my creativity makes tangible impacts for a better world. My research and design interests range from green building technology, materials, construction to public spaces and urban ecology. Since I moved to the US, I’m influenced by my undergraduate professor Michael Nairn, a landscape architect and urban planner, and my friend, an environmental scientist and a fierce advocate for equality and disability rights.


I'm currently an M.Arch candidate at Yale School of Architecture. I hold a B.A. in Architecture with Distinction from the University of Pennsylvania.